The Author

Anthony Dixon

The book basically tells all about me, after High School I decided not to go on to higher education. However, that was not the end my of education. I must credit this one teacher for me to be a lifelong Student. She told me that I should never stop learning, even if I choose not to go to college. Little did she know that she was prodding me to finish the job of educating my own self. At seventeen I bought my first car and the book on how to repair it. From there on whatever I wanted to learn, I would buy the book. Over the years I became one of the greatest do D.I.Y. person in the world. I thought myself to fix appliances, computers, roofs, plumbing, furnaces and even wiring a building without burning it down. All through this learning process, my greatest focus was learning about life, how to live it well and make the most of the little time given.