D. L. Mitchell is known among her family and friends as a faithful Catholic, avid writer, courageous entrepreneur, determined traveler, persistent artist, and beloved mother and grandmother. She’ll try most anything once—publishing a book, taking third-world mission trips, learning a second language, competing in ballroom dance competitions, dating after fifty, and starting new businesses.

She calls Atlanta home and diligently works at being a dedicated ambassador to her family and community, promoting and pursuing health and wellness in all aspects of life.

“The thoughts and insights in “Life Is Too Short To Be Anything But Happy and Healthy” are an excellent understanding of what’s involved in living our existence, in our earthly form, in a happy, secure, meaningful life. Deanna’s insights, laced with practical recommendations, are corroborated by sound psychological, scientifically evaluated mental processes that prove their effectiveness in creating and sustaining a high quality of life.” Phillip Sidwell, Pyschologist