Brilliantly researched and impassioned with real life experiences, Life Is Too Short to Be Anything but Happy and Healthy is filled with stories, remedies, and recipes that will touch your heart and your health.

“Deanna has a personal expression and sincerity about her, always curious about all the possibilities but continuously looking for a positive outcome. Her words are spirited and direct, empathetic and vulnerable. Deanna’s unwavering commitment to her faith, her honesty, and her gratitude are immediate and encouraging, begging the reader to ask, “Who am I in love and loss in all my conversations, friendships, relationships, conflicts, and resolutions?” Her frank style and delivery waste no time, getting to the heart and soul of life experiences that we all may share in one way or another.

So moved by her personal story and life decisions, it would be a shame not to mention her steadfast conviction from beginning to end. She always radiates “that something,” a unique gift of seeing something bigger than herself in every situation, never believing in the impossible, and seemingly putting all the pieces together, no matter what life hands her.” Dr. Kimo Kimura 

“As I reflect on the first season of life and eagerly await the second, I realize that the people, places, and memories in my life are what hold infinite value. My treasured memories are of the times I’ve been able to share my life with my favorite people. And the majority of those times are centered around food, drink, and culture. So rather than claim any kind of expertise or self-help advice, I humbly share the following collection of writings, remedies, and recipes that I have given the title, Life Is Too Short To Be Anything But Happy And Healthy” DLMitchell

“If you enjoy pondering life’s deeper meaning and desire to live with greater freedom and joy, you’re in for a treat with this timeless book. Life really is short, and it’s better to receive that truth from others than to have to learn it the hard way yourself. Here’s to your pursuit of happiness and health in a world full of isolation and noise. Happy reading, my friend.” Jimmy Mitchell