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This is a humorous collection of short stories that is not intended as a reflection on any particular geographic area. Please don’t jump into conclusions attempting to guess which of the panhandles are obvious to your understanding of basic geography, such as Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas. Because there are more, many more panhandles! There is Maryland with a long one—maybe even three! Pennsylvania has a small one, along with Mississippi and Alabama. Louisiana has a fat one, while Delaware is practically all panhandle, and West Virginia has a couple of odd-looking ones. Missouri has a small “bootheel,” as well as New Mexico, with one sticking into Mexico. And there’s Minnesota’s “knot” sticking into Canada. Idaho’s panhandle is as long as or longer than Oklahoma’s. Each represents a geographic isolated blip, knot, or notch separating different religions, cultures, languages, customs, or way of life from the remainder of each of the particular states. They, too, have a certain indigenous population found nowhere else.

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This book is an adult book relating a marriage of domestic violence concerning two people who were never suitable for each other. It relates a reprehensible story of male dominance, wife beatings, domestic violence, child molestation, and eventually, death by an internal moral conscience too late.

It is written with brief details of the life of a small family where they deal with abysmal attempts internally to have an outward appearance of congeniality. This is, of course, fiction; however, many particulars are actually occurring in ordinary lives. This is just one of many books I have written. I do hope the readers understand that they are fictional stories but could actually occur in homes all over the world. Maybe even your neighbors?

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