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The Works of Gary D. Bergquist


Giraffes on the Loosa in Tallapoosa

On a dark and rainy night, just outside Tallapoosa, Georgia, a large Italian circus truck carrying three giraffes got a flat tire. While the two Italian circus workers changed the flat tire, the three giraffes—Watuzi, Mambusa, and Just Fred—got out from the loosened tailgate. Not meaning to cause trouble or alarm, the three curious giraffes began to explore the town of Tallapoosa and its residents.

Brambles, the Bald-Headed Bumblebee

Challenges! Brambles had a challenge all his very own, and so did the Hive!

The bees were almost out of honey, and winter was coming. Everyone was worried that they wouldn’t have enough to eat. Will the hive find enough flowers in time?