About The Author

My name is Lois Lee (O’Donnell) Siler. I am 79 years old and married to Ronnie, my husband of 58 years. We have two lovely daughters, two handsome grandsons and… as of this writing…five new, adorable, kittens.

Blue Butterflies In Heaven is my first published work and I have loved every minute of the process.

My first love is writing inspirational poems although I do have a silly side that prompts me at times to write goofy, silly poems… the ones that make me smile and keep me sane in a sometimes crazy, up-side-down, mixed-up, world.

My style of writing is rather laid back and easy to read. I love sharing my poems and they will hopefully give the reader encouragement or even a reason to smile.

Blessings and thanks to all who read my prose and poetry.

Blue Butterflies in Heaven

Blue Butterflies in Heaven