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Less Than Two Days

A Tale of an American Man and an English Woman Wanting to Love Each Other 1951–1957

A young American soldier stationed in Germany in 1952 meets a British girl in London. He romances her during their first day in a glorious pub crawl while accompanied by his army buddy. The next day, they enjoy the playing fields of Eton and a band concert for the queen at Windsor Castle. When they bid each other goodbye at Euston Station, they are already infatuated. They have seen each other for less than two days, never alone. She tries to visit him in Germany, but travel restrictions for the trip cause her to cancel. Angry over being stood up, the soldier and his buddy visit Ireland, Wales, and even London; and he does not call her. Returning to the barracks in Germany, he finds her telegram that had arrived too late. The two cannot meet before his being sent back to the states for separation from the military. They exchange letters for four years, trying to reunite either in England or America. But problems intervene, including a girl to whom the soldier had been engaged to before his London adventure and a conniving woman. He and the British girl struggle during his residency year at Stanford University to qualify for his PhD. Their greatest problem is pregnancy.