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Jaymes Devans is leaving Chicago, Illinois. He is going South to make a better life for the family he loves. However, Jaymes finds out that his plans and God’s plans are not the same. He becomes caught up in a world of murder, drug smuggling, crooked businessmen, politicians, secret agents, and a God with a plan

Jaymes does not know there is a calling on his life. He winds up right in the middle of what his wife, Florence, always wanted for her family—a God-fearing man. However, neither of them saw this coming. For if, any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away. What really happened to Jaymes Devans? Come along on his journey and find out.

What is going to happen to Jaymes Devans Senior? Only God knows. When God builds the wall, only he can remove it.