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Some feelings cannot be avoided but the effect those feelings have on us however can be controlled and avoided. This book serves as a guide to control those feelings which stop us from achieving our potential – anger, doubts and guilt.

Anger is a sensation which all and sundry at several moments in life has felt from the time we are born to when we die. To few, it has been a constructive foundation and to many it has been a destructive one. This book enables readers to know who they are vis a vis this emotion and to what extent it affects them and their surrounding. It unveils the unconscious negative power of anger over self and enables the reader to start handling this emotion from a different angle of positivity and motivation.

The book, which is based on real life experiences, should push a reader who has self-doubts to build confidence, courage and determination to forge on with conceived ambitions no matter what others say, the circumstances and difficulties which come with it.