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Nique’s Notes: Quote Collection

Those little sayings that remain with you . . . aah, the timeless quotes! Sit back with a glass of wine or a warm cup of coffee and get ready for a ride through the mystical and whimsical twists and turns in this author’s mind as she journeys through coming up with the answer of what love truly is. Each quote provides a view into the bigger picture when reaching for the deepest, most intimate explanation of what love means to us all. This little book of timeless quotes is sure to make you ponder upon the thought that real love cannot be shaken. When you experience the love we all naturally have to give in our hearts, only then will you realize that we are able to provide the same to another—our partner, our everything, our true love! Spread unconditional love, not hate, and give no one a lukewarm attempt to accept them fully. Enjoy!