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My life experiences took place in the Los Angeles, California area until age of 12. My mother sister, and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona until High School graduation in 1958. I went into the United States Navy and worked in the Nuclear Weapons program for the next three years of enlistment.


I started college for a year then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. I married in 1965 and began working in the Life Insurance Industry. November of 1969 was the beginning of the Michael D. Carothers insurance agency. It has been my career since then. I retired after fifty years to follow my passion, poetry. My poetry stems from life’s observations, and thoughts.



Poetic Expression is a shortcut way to story-telling. No plot development. A point made is something to ponder. The Musings of Grandfather Clock is a way to share your and my life experiences. We do share in this life. Not with each other but with someone. Or alone, but just the same, we share in this life given to us.


My wife and I have six children and sixteen grandchildren but not together. In this mix, there have been challenges beyond measure. It reminds me of a nuclear device that compresses, becomes super-critical, the atom splits releasing energy, and then explodes. Does it sound familiar in your life?


Life can be challenging but fun. Challenges are from the trials that we are a part of. Fun, from the standpoint, we are not alone in it and there is something to be learned. Love is the ingredient that will make circumstances work. I hope you think my poems point that way.