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You’ve heard it many times before: nothing is for certain but death and taxes. Even though the end of life eventually comes for us all, that does not mean death is a topic everyone is eager to discuss.

For nearly a year, Maggie Stephens-Dykes chronicled the ebb and flow of her sadness, about the slow pace of mourning, and how her life was reclaimed through journaling after the deaths of her sister and mother-in-law.

In this riveting account, she poignantly embraces her range of emotions as she grapples with the enigma of death. Death of an Exquisite Nature reflects on Maggie’s plight to overcome her feelings of worries, fears, and frustrations after the fact. The book introduces the reader to many of the curiosities that the D word has to offer. Although death is not a topic easily discussed, there is humor to be found in the book to help the reader as they proceed.