Book Overview



The author, Woodrow Wallace, challenges one to answer the questions put forth in “MEMPHIS 1968 (THE FORGOTTEN LESSONS).”

The ability of the author to breathe life again into the existence of perhaps the most comprehensive visualization of racism ever witnessed in the 20th century; which, seemingly always to appear as unbelievable. The author has captured one of the most unique approaches to conveying a live experience of racism hurled at African Americans and caused the death of the Dreamer. This book will unveil a simple on look at the constant mandate of those that will foster a devastating collapse of America due to self-serving tactics of racism. Notwithstanding, other powder kegs in America today (2018), Memphis will always hold the death of a King! The author solicits an honest accounting of oneself as to what part of history are you helping to write for America’s future?

“Leave the future to the control of racists and hate becomes the norm”
(Woodrow Wallace, 2018)