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Inbetweenness (inb)

Jim Kidd

1) Introductory Statements

Inbetweenness is.
All is connected within Inbetweenness.

Inbetweenness is an absolute principle.

In time and space, there is a Field of Inbetweenness;
everything is connected to everything else within Inbetweenness.

There are different degrees of connection one event to another event
within Inbetweenness, which is the cosmic connection of it all.

2) Symbol


inb (absolute)

inb E inb E inb (time and space)

E represents everything meaning that Inbetweenness is what connects
everything to everything else.

3) Philosophical Vision

Let me if you please open with a statement from my teacher Sunnie D. Kidd, “Without theory we would not have the vision to bring about that which is possible.” To bring about this vision we need to look at the metaphysical, epistemological and axiological assumptions of Inbetweenness. This way we will directly get at the meaning of the theory.


Inbetweenness is metaphysical in that it is an absolute principle. It is the Cosmic Connection of it All. Inbetweenness is spiritual. It is inclusive. Movement and Vibration is the ongoing flow. Spontaneity is the creativity of Inbetweenness. There are many views within Inbetweenness and each is a part of the whole. Some dimensions are invisible and intangible.


Inbetweenness is epistemological in that all truth is within it. Within the Field of Inbetweenness that permeates time and space knowledge, learning and thinking is the connection that is in Constant Change. It is an ongoing interaction. There are different experiences within the Field of Inbetweenness. Knowing begins with awareness that is then organized by the intellect. Interpretation represents one of many possible meanings but understanding changes through further interpretation. Put simply: one has to say, “at this time I am seeing this.”


Inbetweenness is axiological in that nothing stands outside of it and all existents are Participatory. Values are found in the connectedness of it all. Within the Field of Inbetweenness that permeates time and space values are found in social interaction and the cultural fabric of existents.

4) Themes of Inbetweenness

Cosmic Connection of it All
Movement and Vibration
Constant Change

5) Inbetweenness is beyond Religion

The occurrence of religion is to help us understand that we do not perish and wither away with death. It gives meaning to our lives. Each religion looks to the beyond and makes an interpretation of that which is seen then implements that view. Each religion is a view of that which is originally seen. That which is originally seen is spiritual. Spirituality cuts across and goes beyond all religions.

We have to go beyond religion to solve the problematics of the world. Even if a new religion occurred it would still be a religion in relation to other religions. It would be seen in terms of every other religion. Inbetweenness is pure spirituality. Spirituality goes beyond religion. Each religion looks beyond to integrate that which is seen into everyday life to make sense of it all. Spirituality is integral and each religion attempts to integrate that which was originally seen.

Inbetweenness cuts across and goes beyond all religions. It is the Cosmic Connection of it All, pure spirituality. It is Movement and Vibration, Spontaneity, Constant Change and Participatory.