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Down Bad Too

Having a sidepiece is all fun and games until you get in your feelings and fall in love with them. TC learns the hard way after bossing up on his girlfriend and sponsor, Tesha, and leaving her for his former sidepiece, Carmen. TC has high hopes that they can finally be together forever. The only problem is that TC has waited too long. Carmen is now engaged to another man, Julius.

Not sure if she’s actually Julius’s new fiancée or just another side chick in this situation as well, Carmen sets out to seek the truth and find out if the people in her life are really who they say they are. Will Carmen ever be promoted from a sidepiece to a wife, and who will be the man to change that status? Follow them through their journey of unmasking the truth behind all the drama and fake people in their lives.




Feature Book

Down Bad

Meet Carmen, who appears to have it all together. She’s smart, independent, sexy, and proof that you could be a bad chick and still not have a man. Relying on her secret boy toy TC for male attention has gotten old and Carmen is ready to find her own…