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Lightly Wicked: Book One

Time changes nothing—not in your world, not in mine. Actions are what change, and even that fails. For Emilia Manescu, time seemed endless, for her kind lived far longer than humans.

Time never erased the death of her family, her pack, her friends, and multitudes of strangers that she could not save from her evil twin sister, Rebekah. And time could not keep Rebekah from awakening again, hell-bent on resurrecting an even greater evil by name of Sebastian. Time was even running out for Emilia as death and destruction followed her dark twin, and this time, Emilia was afraid that Rebekah would succeed in her mission for Rebekah had a new trick up her sleeve.

Will Emilia and her new family stop Rebekah before time runs out and Rebekah brings Sebastian back to life, or will Rebekah succeed and watch as the world burns around her?