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This book is about the love and commitment that my grandparents had for each other. It describes the different levels of loss each person encountered and how they both dealt with it. The love they shared always outweigh all the obstacles that was presented to them on a daily basis. Although, they had a large family, my grandparents provided for their children and helped others at the same time. We were always taught it’s better to give than to receive, and it was demonstrated by their selfless acts of kindness to their fellow men. In tragedy, my grandparents always prayed and trusted in their beliefs, knowing God would always provide and be there for them. Most marriages don’t last five years nowadays, but 70 years, that’s amazing. It shows with work, effort, love and God, it can be done. So in conclusion it’s just a love, loss, and tragedy story about my grandparents. They left a legacy for all of us.