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This book is a story that starts out with young students who are aiming to get a free or 90 percent scholarships through major corporations. In return, these students have to work for these companies for ten years or do what they tell them. Then a few of them figured out that through the years, most of the students who received the free college turned out to be mayors, aldermen, judges—even Supreme Court judges, lawyers, governors, state and national representatives, or senators. All of which the corporations paid all their expenses. The only one office they do not have yet is the president.


A few found out what has been going on, so they made a group that sent all their findings to one computer. Each one did not know where the computer was. These corporations caught on to these few, and they are killing them one by one. They are trying to figure out who has this information and who the thirteen or so people who are working on it are.


One problem is that they killed the son of the person who has the computer and all information. He declared war on these corporations and all those who are connected with them.


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