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Alene Sheffield is a native of Fort Myers, Florida. She moved to Sarasota, Florida, where she continued her teacher-counselor career in 1988, following the death of her beloved husband, Dr. Arthur Sheffield Jr. Following her retirement in 2010, she returned to work, where she felt a close connection to her adult students who had dropped out of school and were experiencing a difficult life without a high school diploma or GED. During the course of that training, Alene saw the need to motivate her students to share their life experiences and how they had turned their lives around, some from the schoolhouse to the jailhouse and back to the schoolhouse. As their teacher, Alene saw the need to share her life experiences from a poor ghetto community and not having made the poor or bad decisions most of them had made. Both she and the students were encouraged to have their life stories placed into a book. Hopefully, it will not only encourage them to carry on and live successful lives but also motivate others to have faith that if others can do it, they can do it too. May their lives reflect the peace and happiness they all deserve.