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William Norris Billingsley was a crusty old war veteran who, at ninety years old, had outlived all of his relatives and most of his friends. Going against his teachings and instincts, Todd gradually became interested in Billingsley’s fascinating war stories and eventually grew attached to the old warrior. Their relationship triggered a change in Todd Jeffries’ attitude toward the elderly residents at the assisted-living facility, as he started seeing them, for the first time, as real people who had lived interesting, meaningful lives and deserved his respect.


Todd’s transition was reinforced and broadened to include his stilted personal life, through a budding interest in his feisty and attractive coworker, Maggie O’Malley.


Mr. Billingsley follows Todd Jeffries’s personal evolution as he is affected by his interactions with Mr. Billingsley and Maggie O’Malley. Meet the colorful cast of his friends and ex-lover. Enjoy his humorous exploits as he evolves from college snob to someone who has an appreciation for the dilemmas facing his new elderly friends at the Twin Palms Retirement Center, as Todd, with Maggie’s help, overcomes personal and professional setbacks and finds new purpose and direction in his life.