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What makes an angel an angel? Is it their undivided loyalty to God? Is it the wings on their back? Is it their mechanical personalities, unable to feel emotions? Sure. But what makes an angel human?




And love. What is honest love? Is it caring for someone? Is it being there for them? Is it doing everything you can for them? Yes. But is it more? Yes. Honest love is less about how much you would do for someone and more about how long you would wait, unable to do anything at all, to do it.


Angels are God’s soldiers, who are punished for disobeying God. That’s a rule every angel knows and every angel avoids. One particular angel forgets and ignores God’s orders, all the while following a human with whom he has fallen in love after specific orders to go to Earth. After blatantly ignoring God and returning to Him in hopes of helping the human, the angel is shunned to Earth for disloyalty. Now, the angel must cope with slow deterioration, all the while watching his beloved human endures hardships, and chooses to do something that is eventually seen as an act of smitten stupidity.