Book Overviews


The Pirate Skeleton



Jake Greene, a recently retired Homeland Security operations executive, and his colleague, David Robinson, an archaeologist from Jerusalem, come into possession of an apparently authentic pirate treasure map. Jake is immediately faced with a gang of kidnappers trying to obtain possession of the map. The two men involve Jake’s daughter, Rebecca Gould, an anthropologist, and their families in search for the treasure. The search sets off a chain of events that not only leads them to the treasure but also to a huge skeleton of a previously unknown, humanlike species.

As Jake, Rebecca, and David learn more about the skeleton, they are thrust into a world where science, politics, and international crime intersect. They confront an international arms dealer as they try to protect the skeleton and its origins from exploitation. They survive attempts to murder them and take over their work. They are caught up in a deadly race to find, learn from, and preserve the remains of the ancient civilization.


The Key to the Map



A squad of terrorists waits in a small Jerusalem home at midnight. Their mission is to plant a radioactive bomb under the Temple Mount and cause catastrophic damage to the Dome of the Rock which will be blamed on the Israelis, igniting a final war for dominance and control over the Holy Land.

Across the world in Rome, Jake Greene, a retired Homeland Security chief, and his daughter Rebecca Gould, an anthropologist, stumble upon an ancient map and medallion. They are immediately thrust into a world of ancient secrets, modern warfare and government conspiracies. As they begin to decipher the mystery of these objects, they are caught up in a thrilling search for the lost Ark of the Covenant and a race against time to thwart the terrorists, prevent a nuclear war and protect the Ark at all costs.