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This second novel by Dr. Wendy Crawford-Daniel plunges the reader into the mind and heart of its protagonist Dexter Lovelace as we join him as he navigates through the difficult passage of adolescence and sexual awareness.

The novel is a timely one that puts up a mirror to our Caribbean societies by reflecting and reflecting on the complex views of masculinity, sexuality and social acceptance of difference that are daily challenges for our people. The Dexters of our region have found a voice through Dr. Crawford-Daniel’s novel, but so have the voices of the fathers and mothers who are treated with empathy by the author. In the end the plea is for Grenada and all who seek justice in the world to recognize the human rights of persons of all sexual persuasions because they deserve that respect and …“It is what it is”.

-Dr. Luz M. Longsworth, BA, MBA UWI, MA Queens, DBA Bath
Principal and Pro Vice-Chancellor
The University of The West Indies Open Campus