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Whispers Beneath the Vine, by George H. Malouf, is a collection of poetry that depicts the flowing beauty of lyrics that the author brings to life on a living canvas of love, nature, and humility before God. The poetry in these stanzas is full of sensitive expression and emotion. It is powerful in its representation. Here, the reader will find an unforgettable portrait that is woven by the author with care and is colored with great expression and thought. The wonderful effect, represented in each verse, is a constant spontaneity and rhyme. This great realization of the depiction of the reality that surrounds the poet is cleverly shifted and presented with profound beauty.


The main theme in this volume concerns the poet’s feelings of love, especially those for God and nature. Its visualization will influence the heart and awaken the senses of all those who read it.


The timeless poetry represented in this book by our talented poet is very elastic in mood, as it depicts the flowing beauty in his lyrics brought to life on the canvas of life, nature, and humility before God. This poetry is simple in style yet powerful and delicate. This work of poetry is incomparable in style. Yet it is powerful in sensitivity and emotion; it is preoccupied with the visualization of the poet’s thoughts and remembrances. The result is an exemplification of a meaningful expression that is purely simple and beautiful.


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