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Rose from the Concrete is a unique book of poetry filled with passion, with a delightful spin on my roller-coaster life. One of my dreams was to become a writer. What a journey! It appeared impossible. The struggles in my mind were so enormous, especially the audacity of thinking I could go beyond my capabilities.


Beautiful expressions of loveliness, these masterfully crafted poems did not start out that way. I had to believe in myself and my creations. I had to say it, eliminating the seeds of weeds in my thinking, and speaking, planting seeds of possibilities knowing that they would grow.


Now armed with fruits of confidence, I release these beauties. They will whisk you away into the arms of hope. They will inspire you.


From dirt to diamond, becoming a savage, eating cabbage, the truth is, I learn to trust that, it is not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit of the Lord Almighty. I rise.


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