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Book Overview

Queen’s Man: Decision is the sixth book of the Queen’s Man series.


Separated by time, distance and treachery, Queen Rejeena of the island of Kriiscon and her queen’s man, Aarvan, each battle lethal difficulties and agonize over the well-being the other.


Aarvan had escaped the outlaws and survived his dangerous, midnight oceanic swim. Now, he encounters confrontations with antagonist groups, women who desire to hold him for ransom, loose men who want his pants to decorate their kill wall, and a mysterious stranger. Hunted and afoot, a lengthy journey challenges him—and time is not his friend.


Though inexperienced and lacking knowledge, Rejeena engages in a battle of wits with proficient Mainland negotiators. She must disallow a complete rout of vital Kriisconian interests at a pivotal trade conference. She also must face the daunting choice of disenholding Aarvan, her soul mate, which would allow his return to the Mainland, or lose him to a harsh, arrogant queen. Rejeena knows nothing of a deadly plan already launched to end the lives of her and her unborn daughters.


Can Aarvan return to prevent the murderous scheme? The couple struggle with fate and hostile powers in this race against time to rejoin forces, to save each other, their daughters, and the island of Kriiscon.


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