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Robert Cooper

Robert Cooper has served as a management and marketing consultant to clients such as General Electric, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, Pratt and Whitney Aircraft, Solar, Marquardt, and Teledyne.  Before his consulting career, Cooper participated in a wide range of occupations in different industries and locations, starting in high school and college: stock boy, waiter, file clerk, laborer, management trainee, purchasing agent, social worker, missile site job coordinator, aerospace configuration management specialist, aerospace program analyst, technical writer and technical editor. Thus, Cooper has extensive experience at all levels and in many contexts with Thinkers, M-types and MORGs, and with diabolical Weevils and their minion Meevils.

Cooper published a book of nonfiction humor with Penguin, and many of his short stories, essays and book reviews have appeared in various print and online magazines.

Cooper graduated with highest honors from the University of California at Berkeley and now lives in Colorado.