Book Overview



In this collection of poetry, the reader explores the true meaning of love, inescapable vulnerability, and the agony of managing a painful chronic illness punctuated by hospitalizations and frequent bouts of pain. The words are pure and illuminating; the vivid imagery is powerful, resulting in one’s thought process being challenged to discover new ways of understanding love and despair and how to emerge from darkness to light. The poet challenges the reader to view the possible cracks dwelling inside their heart, mind, and body as windows allowing in the light, as opposed to unwanted defects. A reliance on God, represented as one’s ultimate spiritual and secure base, provides the hope to persevere and nourish the indomitable will. Glimpses of God’s concern for us is revealed when one sees the small, innocent, and beautiful rose growing between the cracks in the sidewalk. The images, purity of complex emotions, and irony in the poetry illuminates how one comes to see how their life transforms. The reader experiences shifting emotions evoked by the penetrating, powerful words that resonate within and which separates the reader from the ordinary, current reality. In the end, the poet’s weaving of words, imagery, and aesthetic qualities, revealing the truth, will compel the reader to harness the strength and optimism to emerge with renewed confidence to pursue meaningful living.