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Suffering and experiencing collateral damage from his latest tour in the Middle East, he called his friends and found no solace from them as they were all too busy with their married life. In Channel 2 TV, he stumbled upon Rick Steves’ program concerning a pilgrimage in northern Spain. His interpreter during his tour was such an asset in interdicting between his troops and villages that he was instrumental in bringing this family to the United States. The major flew to southern France to begin the Road to Santiago—a hike of five hundred miles to the East Coast. In his travel, he met a Spaniard and two women. In Bilboa and Pamplona, two different attempts to his life occurred. Returning to Boston, he obtained an assignment at Sagamore Associates with the direction to discover the various attempts by cartels or groups to smuggle illegal drugs to this country. In addition, he has a duty to find the ISIS moles in this country before they attempt to inflict damage on lives of human beings—a major cause of opioid addiction and death happening all over the world.