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As a student of philosophy, I took interest in it. History was also a favorite study. I was an A student in English. I liked to read and write. Creative writing was fun to do. Over the years, as I traveled and worked on ships and construction sites, I developed my manhood, you might say. I matured around men who talked filthy, played the dozen, and told a lot of jokes. Of course, I was influenced by some of this. I picked up on a lot of jokes and old sayings, mostly from older men. Throughout the years, I had remembered quite a few. My friends used to call me a philosopher. I had a saying for everything. Over the years, I realized everyone had picked up their share of sayings as well. I started writing them down because they were so many I couldn’t remember them. Then I realized the wisdom in them and came up with the idea to put them in a book form for reference. I felt that some could read this book and be educated by all the wisdom.


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