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From checking into a bank to the actions outside one, quite possibly a quality time with the both as well, you, myself, the living God’s and or the dead, we’d tend to miss another as either a problem or like something, perhaps or in this case a house and without a staircase, sometimes the stars, the staircase your memory, there and original, or more so a house or the star, so real and to disappear the same, or was it to reappear? The same ideal light a generic code to the truths in traveling time and a bad place thrive. In this short and illustrated work, and perhaps from the loved and short end of the spirit of Douglas Adams, a pain staked journey through other points of mind and places leave, or, will have left this new character Cilbup, a young woman and with some freedom, the amount if nerves and time like that you had expected, her cat Walk who would wait for her as if kept like a stuffed animal or sleeping, certain legends, spawning from here random and before this romantic, that tale, to get on a road and to keep from leaving such a place should and does come true.