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What if—like it is said in the Bible—we were supposed to live forever? But Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, and somehow, our bodies changed, giving us a limited life span. We all know Adam lived 936 years, and as each generation came about, our life span kept getting shorter until we got to the present day, only living to about 75 to 100 years if we were lucky.

Science knows that almost every animal on this planet has all the amino acids needed in its liver to constantly make vitamin C to keep them healthy. Some time ago, we lost that ability because we were getting enough vitamin C in our diets, so our liver quit making it. This is just an example of how our bodies once again turned something off, which has become detrimental to our health. But what if somewhere down the line, that switch turned on again, and what if that peculiar switch was our ability to live forever again? This brings me to my story.

He was born sometime in the late 1800s. Growing up normal, he didn’t realize how special he was until he got a clue while fighting in World War I. A soldier was dying and needing blood to possibly save his life. So he gave his blood to help him. The doctor told the dying soldier that if he lived, he still would not have the use of his right arm again. It was just too damaged. Several days later, the soldier not only regained the use of his right arm but also healed much quicker than any of the doctors thought. They viewed it as a miracle. This disturbed our main character because he felt something was weird about himself. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he knew something was not right. So he kept to himself after the war.

One day, he looked in the mirror and noticed something. He knew he was in his forties, but he didn’t look a day over twenty. As time went on, he became more protective of disclosing his age and changing his identity to reflect an age much more suitable to his looks. By the end of the Korean War, the government was looking for him, so he changed his identity often and moved around a lot.

This brings us to Phoenix, Arizona, where a freak accident brought our hero to his end. And that is where the story begins. Not knowing who our hero is and how he will change the lives of so many people is a miracle in itself, but the stories that follow are just as miraculous as the people who received his organs.