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Scarlett Rose is a modern American millennial woman. At the age of twenty-three she is a private detective, active in a field traditionally dominated by middle aged males. She is skilled in martial arts and drives a specially modified extra fast car. She avoids the use of firearms, but is quite familiar with a variety of weapons. Her favorite is the .357 magnum pistol, with which she is a dead shot.


She is a tall, slender, green eyed redhead of exceptional beauty who is as feminine and lady-like as it is possible to be. Unmarried, with a boyfriend, Scarlett enjoys the finest of relationships with members of the male population. She has a black belt in karate, is a masterful pugilist, and an all-around athlete. She respects the men, and they definitely respect her.


Ace of Hearts is Scarlett’s first solo case, in which she makes all of her own decisions. Promising leads turn bad, and iffy leads work out well, leading to a successful conclusion that no one could have foreseen.


Scarlett is therefore an entirely new type of fictional private eye, not a boozy brawling gunslinger, nor a remote and impossibly intellectual robot. She is a courteous and charming young lady, with the courage of a sky driver, the vision of a soothsayer and the integrity of an angel. And when people are pleased by the success of her methods, what does Scarlett say?

“It’s what I do. I find things out.


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