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The sweeping technology that has come to define life on Earth is a monster with very long fingers as the sixth great extinction confirms. Yet where did it come from, and what of its tail? Some say that the tip of its tail reaches far into the distant past. But it is also true that many people on Earth have not heard of the monster’s origin, have never glimpsed its tail.

It might, at first, seem odd until one considers that the birthplace of the monster sunk beneath the sea. Yet we have been graced with the tale of that ancient land. Plato confirmed that the land, though long forgotten, indeed existed. The record of the sinking of Atlantis as told to the Greek lawmaker Solon by the priests of Sais in Egypt has come down to us intact.

To glimpse the monster’s tail, we must travel back in time, long before Plato, back to the days of Athena, to a time before her beloved land met its fate—a fate that was linked to Atlantis.