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Book Overview

“Out of the Blue” and “Into the Light” are stories about the six sons of Maudie and Paul Perkins. Moon over Dryden is actually the first book in the Dryden series. In it, the reader will meet Maudie and Paul and watch them from the start, putting into practice the faith they so strongly believe in.


It is a story of faith—the faith of young Maudie as she calls her aunt back from death’s door after childbirth and the faith of young Paul Perkins and how he wins the hand of Maudie Geibel even though her father was against their marriage. It is a story of faith when their two-year-old daughter is found floating face down in the pond. Throughout their lives, Paul and Maudie prove God’s faithfulness and pass that faith on to not only their six sons and their niece, Sally Anne, whom they raised after her parents were killed in an accident, but they also witnessed and won their neighbors in the small town of Dryden, New York.


It is a story of hope. No matter how dismal things look, God always has a plan. They prove in their lifetime that all things do work together for good for those who love the Lord.


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