Live Life with God – Book Overview

Every day we are bombarded with new challenges, too many demands, and not enough time. This devotional planner is a resource to put God first and foremost, as we focus on our PART in cooperating with his great plan for our lives.

What is our PART?

—Pray over every area of life.

—Ask for God-size blessings.

—Repent of sins (known or unknown) that block the flow of God’s blessings.

—Thank him for his faithfulness.

This priority planner does more than provide a journal of daily affairs. It is designed to help reveal the unique plan God has for your life. God gives dreams to every one of us. We have to cooperate with him to make those dreams a reality! Many times we set out to pray about our hopes and dreams but get easily distracted. We create to-do lists but don’t follow through. This planner is organized to help us do our PART to keep God centered in every area of our lives and prioritize our steps in cooperation with that great plan.

This 365-day planner is a spiritual guide that includes valuable tools to live victoriously. You are guided to ask God to reveal his plan as you pray about your faith, friends, family, fitness, fellowship, finances, future, fun, and functions. Each day’s devotion is linked to biblical principle, scripture, and prayer. The daily devotional is designed for meditation on how to apply these biblical truths to everyday life.

As you spend time in the presence of God, who wants only his best for you, insights will be revealed about the plan he has created just for you. Write down the thoughts, goals, and priorities as they are revealed so that they don’t escape you. As your dreams appear on paper, you can prioritize what God has placed on your heart in such a way as to accomplish greater things for his kingdom. While keeping God centered in your life, your dreams will evolve and flourish. You will be given proper perspective to take actions that help you become everything God created you to be. “In everything you do, put God first, and He will direct you and crown your efforts with success” (Proverbs 3:6).

When you reflect later on your journal entries, God’s faithfulness is revealed in all that he has done. The journal entries also provide a legacy of wisdom and values for future generations of loved ones who will inevitably read them.


Live Life with God

Live Life with God