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Almost always an autobiography (or life story) is written by a famous person, possibly an actress or actor, sports figures, or any well-known personality. The theme of this life story is one about the simple life of a simple man. And although it might not have all the glitter attached to the life of those who are, or were, well-known, it still may draw some interest from readers who themselves, like the author here, may have had, or do have a desire, to write about their life adventures.


For many years, I had those same thoughts or aspirations. It is just now, at the age of eighty-eight (going on eighty-nine), that I decided it would be fun to put the events of my life in writing. These writings will contain bits of humor (I hope) being used to prevent it from being entirely boring. Also, there will be events that may raise the eyebrows of some people and may even shock any of my relatives that read it.


There are several phases in my life, beginning at my entrance into this world and then to the various phases of age. Please note that if you, reader, are willing to accept some humor in my story, continue on. But if not, you might as well stop reading at this point. It is my hope that the humor part does not get overused or boring.