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Fathers are important role models for their daughters. They are the first men that their daughters relate to, and the relationships with their fathers set the tone for any relationships their daughters have in the future. There is no doubt that fathers-daughter relationships impact daughters both positively and negatively. There are similarities between the father-daughter relationships, the daughters’ perception of themselves, and how other men perceive them to be. Daughters drastically need their fathers support, acceptance, and love.


Daughters who have positive relationships with their fathers are left with strong values, confidence, and high self-esteem. The daughters who have experience failed relationships with their fathers are in need for compassionate relationships with other men and other people who are vulnerable to their plan. Daughters who suffer from negative relationships should learn to place high values on themselves, acknowledge that they are somebody, and that they hold the key to their own happiness. Many people do not identify the impact fathers have on their daughters’ lives. As a result, these daughters can go through endlessly with no expectations of healing from the damage caused by lack of positive relationships with their fathers. If one is to comprehend the impact of father-daughter relationships, one must be open to comprehend the effect of that relationships.


Fathers’ impacts their relationship with their daughters, especially the role fathers play after divorce. After parents’ divorce, daughters have various feelings of support, love, comfort, discomfort, honor, and disappointment. When fathers are part of their daughters lives, they grow up feeling safe, secured, and protected, because their fathers were always around. Daughters needs their fathers to be the standard against which they will judge all men.


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