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James Black personifies his inner struggles, dubbing them Waldo. As he grows to understand himself, he realizes that many of his troubles stem from unresolved childhood issues. It is through a migratory trip to a world foreign to him that James is truly able to see himself as he is, reflected in his choices and situations he finds himself in and the people he attracts.


Mr. Black, through an uncanny series of events, develops a close-knit relationship with his newfound friends. As he sorts through the mess inside himself, he encounters messy situations he once wallowed in. Through these relations, a wealth of memories of his checkered past are brought to the fore that not only reveals to him the key to his poor habits but provides insight to help Lorraine and Jaden through a tumultuous time in their relationship.


James experiences some of the hardships that many immigrants experience. It is in these low moments that his pride is broken and he is able to see the seed of opportunity that lies in moments of hurt and failure. Through James’s growth process, he wrestles with the existential questions “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”


It isn’t long before James Black’s inward journey sets him right on his journey without. Lorraine and Jaden join him on his journey to fully understand the link between his attitude and his actions in one wild roller-coaster ride. Come along for the ride in Waldo: And the Ramblings on Man!


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