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I wrote this book because I believe I have uncovered the mystery of Christ and the kingdom of God, as arrogant as that sounds. This book will rock the foundation of everything the Jews and Christians believe. I believe it will also unite them. It will look like blasphemy to the traditional believer. I have used numbers, symbols, and metaphors to reveal these mysteries. I believe Jesus gave the keys to Peter because the key that unlocks the Holy Bible is in the books of Peter. I have even explained in detail why Jesus’s birth date is 4/17/6 BC. This book is a complicated read at times. It will also seem like foolishness at times. You will need a good understanding of the Holy Bible, metaphors, symbols, and numbers, which reveal the hidden parables or dark sayings. God bless and may you have the mind and ability to grasp what is in this book.

– Jens Randall Jordan


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