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Solutions 2

Daylight on America’s Dark Side: Pandering Politics, Loss; and How to Change Course

In Solutions 2, Dr. Carolyn LaDelle Bennett again reflects on principles beyond “me and mine,” behavior and language (unbecoming and becoming), and violence and nonviolence as main contributors to brokenness, where seriously thought-out, constructive changes would heal our brokenness; mend fundamental relations among human beings, among people, among nations, and among varieties of beings; and restore wholeness to local and global society.

The author considers enormous casualties left on the land and lives of many fallen in the wake of counterfeit values, pretense, preaching, propaganda, a pattern of broken promises, a cult of pandering politics “normalized” as the best we can do, and the severe cost of loss of trust domestically and internationally.

The changes posited by the author focus on the basics: principles of fairness, evenhandedness, honesty, and competence in news press and government leadership; sharing as equals among equals and not as superiors to inferiors in condescending charity, alms, and often abuse of “obliged” and “entitled” noblemen to lesser men; accuracy in language, civility, integrity, humility, honesty, and respectfulness in discourse online and offline, inside and outside public office; impartiality in law; and nonviolence in policy, speech, and actions. Bookended on either side of her photographic time-out for bird-watching, the author shines daylight on a dark side of US politics and posits new light that transcends barriers and boorishness and builds bridges forward.