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Ghetto Prophecy 7th Street

This book depicts the journey of Hood Legend, Kamal, with his aggressive hostile takeover of the drug game, while climbing up the corporate ladder to become a prominent figure in the Real-Estate game. Nothing can stop Kamal while pursuing the highest of levels for success that’s been promised to him from day one. Not even the brutal death of his own flesh and blood is enough to slow him down. With his son’s blood fresh on his hands, Kamal is more determined now, then ever before. Loyalty, betrayal, trustworthiness, treachery, prosperity, emptiness and family. Death means nothing more to Kamal, than his Motto…HUSTLE…HUSTLE AND HUSTLE EVEN HARDER!

Urban street culture has since changed with the passing of the times. There is no such thing as respect, honesty, trustworthiness, or loyalty anymore. Most of these young street guys who are now running around controlling the hustle game has all but lost their moral integrity. Brothers are crossing their own brother while sisters are crossing damn near everyone, solely on the strength of their commitment to their baby daddies.

There is no such thing as love anymore, at least not the deep-down-satisfying kind of love that sits on your heart and influences every single decision and action that one may think about making. There is no real reason for any street hustler to be celebrating the hustling lifestyle. A lifestyle that has brought the African American communities so much hurt and pain should not be looked upon as a thing of beauty by today’s youth. It is crack, dope, pills, and weed smoke that has led today’s youth down the wrong path and toward the pipe dream.

With this novel, Ghetto Prophecy 7th Street: The Untold Story, I will be making a desperate attempt to bring the dysfunctional plight of a race of colored people who had so much hope and promise to the world’s stage. The sheer brilliance of the average street hustler is so amazing that the talent can only be compared to major business CEOs. Crack cocaine dens, well-thought-out business moves, calculated gestures, financial arrangements, and the strong stench of gun smoke are all things of the past. Today’s modern-day hustler moves with such ease that there is an air of legitimacy hovering over his every move.

Ghetto Prophecy 7th Street: The Untold Story will forever change the urban storytelling game. This remarkable, marvelous, emotionally gripping, thought-provoking street epic will be praised by mainstream society. This is a powerful Philadelphia story, so Philly readers definitely should not be left out of the loop.