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“Dom Yezzi’s poetry gives insight to a poet who was wonderfully observant, both candidly and subtly funny, and always thoughtfully provocative in line and meter. For years, Dom and I shared each other’s poems, critiqued, discussed, and encouraged one another’s poetic efforts. It was my privilege to have him as mentor and friend. In his poem, Blue-Draped Surgeon, Dom declared “my stage isn’t wide, nor my audience large, but the adoration of a few, rather than the curiosity of the many, is more than sufficient for my well-being.” Dom, you have far more than a few offering you adoration. You have left a deep and unfillable void in this world, my friend.”

Mary Diane (MD) Hausman


“Through his poems, Dom does what poets are supposed to do: explore, examine, and name their feelings, so that you too can recognize those emotions. Dom has always fused the mundane with the erotic. He is never afraid to face his past, talk about his present, and think about his future, with his love for Karen as the constant, the touchstone. May you each find some part of yourself in here.”

—Kate and Kevin Thompson


“I didn’t even know he wrote poetry until the first book!”

— Beth Yezzi Constantine


“My father always taught me to fake it ‘til you make it…which one is this?”

—Carly Yezzi