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The focus of the book is a biographical telling of the Civil War career of Colonel Tobias B. Kaufman. Colonel Kaufman has rightly been called “one of the most illustrious of the Civil War heroes of Central Pennsylvania” by the well-known Pennsylvania Civil War soldier and author, J. Howard Wert. Kaufman rose from a Private to a Colonel during the war. Kaufman was a natural leader and a tough and courageous fighter.  Kaufman fought in some fifteen major battles including Glendale, Second Bull Run, Antietam, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, and Spotsylvania. This biography features not only the career of Colonel Kaufman, but also a summary history of his first regiment, the First Pennsylvania Reserves. Of particular interest in his personal career was his dramatic capture on the Bermuda Hundred Peninsula and the heart-warming story of the return of his pistol by his Confederate captor some thirty years after the war.