Book Overview



Unmerciful events took place in my life after the death of a confused young boy who was a well-known thief throughout the neighborhood. His friends were older adult men and women. He would smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol with them. He would hardly ever associate with teenagers of his own age.


During the time of my terrible experience, I started to memorize; when I was a child I grew up with five brothers’. I watched them grow from teenagers to young adults. Our father was a man who believed in going to school and getting an education, morals, respect, various principles, staying clean, etc. As I looked down on that dead boy, my eyes filled with tears. When it came to me, he never knew his father. God blessed us to have a wonderful father. However, it’s a very bad habit among men who have males to show non-compassionate attitudes toward their boys. That must stop. The male child needs their fathers in order for them to grow mentally and physically strong.


Justice for The Guilty is a harsh lesson for fathers who can save their sons right now. Those from all walks of life are waiting for them.