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This is a story of a flight attendant who works very hard, sometimes more than 40 hours a week, for one of the biggest airlines in the world. The stories written here are mostly from her day-to-day living and working. However, the characters in this book are not real and any resemblance to real persons are purely coincidental.

She grew up as one of the five girls in their house. She was the prettiest among them and that caused certain jealousy among other sisters and sometimes became a problem for her. All the sisters had one common talent that they shared. Constantly and perfectly lying was every day’s natural behaviour. Sometimes they had to lie to survive the moment or get what they need or want.

When she was growing, her biggest problem was her father. Her father for some reason unbeknown to her was much more rough on her than on the other sisters. He was a ruthless and violent man. He had no mercy when he began to beat his daughters. She never knew why she was being punished and he never knew how much it hurt her. This propelled her to other men not for any other purpose but catch the opportunity and punish those men just like her father punished her. She did this in the form of taking their money, lying to them, leaving them with empty hope, cheating and if it takes to have sex with them, she did not hesitate. Not for her own pleasure of sex but her pleasure was coming from her attempt to punish the men. Some of her behavior may be perceived as immoral, unethical or not acceptable however for her any transgression had a specific mission.

Punish men.

Every time she accomplished this it was a slap on her father’s face or she was preventing his slap on her face. Many of these actions are placed in her subconscious, driving her without thinking and planning. Just because she can do it, then she does it.

Her job and lifestyle gave her ample opportunity to find a man and achieve her goal of punishing them. She used her beauty, charm, sex-appeal and whatever else it takes to get her next prey. Sometimes she took money from them, sometimes she had sex with them and sometimes she led them to a finish line that never exists.