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This book Where Does Your Pain Come From? contains inspirational words that offers hope and renewal as you reflect on life and the struggles it sometimes bring.


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The Face We Wear

I challenge you to look at yourself today…
Not the person you act like every single day
While you show the world a smile or a frown
Only you know the real person that is going around
The face you show doesn’t tell the real story
Are you happy or are you missing the glory?
You show a smile while you’re hurting inside
Who are you fooling or why would you hide?
Sadness can lead to heartache and depression
You would be amazed at the story that comes from an expression
How can anyone help if you don’t come clean?
When you have a situation, you need to say what you mean
Even if you cause someone pain; you must reveal how you feel
If you don’t, they may never know and that’s just being for real
When you express your thoughts in a positive way
The person you tell will appreciate what you say
Sometimes things needs to be said out loud
Holding them in, leaves everyone in a cloud
How will you ever get to express what’s inside
When your only expression is the face that you hide?
Just take a moment and speak with true emotions
You might be surprised at what you set in motion
So the next time you are angry or upset at what you hear
Just remember it shows on the face you wear