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Neel’s Trip to India is a delightful reader’s theater book which is research based and meets the Common Core Standards. It will give children an academic edge by engaging them in repeated oral reading, reading with expression, developing vocabulary, researching different cultures and improving their comprehension. This book is unique and easy to read because the dialogues of the different characters are color coded.


This reader’s theater is a realistic -fiction based in England and India. It captures the excitement of a boy who goes to India for the first time. Readers will get so involved with the characters that self-correcting, repeated oral reading, close reading and asking questions will be a fun way to improve their fluency and comprehension.


This book is highly recommended for children between seven and fourteen years old. It’s a book that encourages the young readers to want to travel to experience different cultures. The images in the appendix are captivating and aesthetically pleasing.


Neel’s Trip to India is a unique reader’s theater because it enables and encourages the reader to write and draw as they read. The author has included lined pages and activities. It’s a book children would treasure and love to take along on trips.


Grandparents/ parents may want to buy this book to encourage an understanding of multiculturalism. Teachers would find this book suitable for a small group of students with different reading abilities to teach fluency and comprehension in a fun way.