The Cross and the Crescent : Book Overview

In AD 458, a Roman general falls victim to the dark myths and legends of Europe. During his campaign in Germania, Nikoli Fenchetti is bitten by an unknown being, granting him immortality and dark gifts. In time, his sickness is revealed to him, unmasking the deep, raw truth.

As he becomes educated on who and what he truly became, Nosferatu, Fenchetti utilizes his dark, undead talent, questing across Europe and the Middle East in search for his reasoning with life. It was an inner torment that drives him to the brink of insanity.

While crossing the vast continents in the mid-ages, Nikoli meets two cursed Romans who crucified Christ, Maximus and Titus. Their journey through the years will bring them to the church, the Vatican, and its secrets. Only the dark gift Nikoli possesses is useful to the black pope and his allies. Only his immortal skills are needed to find the Second Coming of Christ. But when the unborn child is discovered, so undo the lies and deceit.


The Cross and the Crescent

The Cross and the Crescent