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You are cordially invited to read a true love story!

This is the story that my eyes witnessed—my family’s trials through darkness, hope, and faith and a vow made “until death doeth us part.”

This is about the strength and endurance of their wedding vows. Read how my family conquers the inevitable death with love and faith. The stars of this love is William and Dorothy, and their union was September 29, 1943.

Through sickness and health, the wedding vows illuminated togetherness. It bonded two hearts, becoming one devoted loving heart in commitment. “In sickness, in health until death doeth us part.” Vision how their love, family, devotion, and faith commit their undying love.

As an artist paints a canvas, a wedding ring encircles. Their love never dwindled, the flame glowed, and flickering love remained. Two faithful people devote in harmony as a violinist plays melodic music, seeing two in love. Family and friends hear their music playing.

Memories lasted, faith endured, their strength was stronger, and love prevailed. “Until death doeth us part.” Love never withered; instead it united their love. A wife stroked her husband’s forehead, while he lay in intensive care—no response. Dad had suffered a stroke on life support. Read how a man’s eyes closed, with the body laying lifeless. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide in response to his love—Dorothy. Fingertips of love, she whispered, “Bun, I love you. The children love you. We need you.”

The nurse witnessed their love as he responded. He must be a man in love! Please continue, as they were in love—a couple in love.

Dad’s body was twisted from a stroke. He rushed to aid and rescue his love, his wife, dear Dorothy. He appeared almost as a man walking on stilts, gliding. His limp arm dangled; his physical prowess faded. Emerging, buffering, softening, he lifted her from harm.

This is a story of protecting two lovebirds, two doves in love. This story will engage you as you sigh, perhaps cry. Fall in love with a couple, William and Dorothy, my parents. Experience their journey, their vows!

This is about family sickness, pain, love, and death as faith endures and children honoring their parents, giving back the love they feel. This is about a couple’s union and their children, grandchildren, son-in-law, brothers, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends.

Remember the artist’s canvas, wedding rings, vows, and violins play as the wedding rings bond their love.

Mr. and Mrs. William Stones’s love is exclusive.

Thank you for accepting my invitation!